Your Closing Location

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Will be within 5 miles of your home


                                    Congratulations on listing your home! Now that your home is listed, you will need the services of a real estate attorney.

                                                      We are offering our real estate services for a flat fee of $125 to sell your property.

The $125 fee includes contract attorney review, negotiations of home inspection issues, clearing all title exceptions, ordering the survey (if required), ordering all payoff letters and HOA paid assessment letters & attending the closing. At no additional cost, we offer you the ability to pre-sign your closing documents at a location close to you so you don’t have to attend the closing. Your closing proceeds can be wired directly to you or you can choose to pick up your check.

                                                     To lock in our flat rate, please call (773) 733-0680. Provide Registration Code: 250-6


You do not need to have a contract on your home in order to take advantage of our services. Call today and our team will ask you for the registration code of 250-6. Once registered, I will coordinate with your realtor so that when your home does sell, the transition between you, your realtor and myself will be seamless.

                                                                                    There is no $125 charge until you CLOSE!

This offer runs for 24 hours. I look forward to hearing from you today.

Best Regards,

Dennis Coleman

(773) 733-0680


                                                                                                 Nuestra oficina habla español!

                                                                                Main Office: 3815 N Damen Ave #3 Chicago IL 60618

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